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Web Resources for hearing impairment and cochlear implants

Below is a list of our recommendations for parents looking for information about hearing impairment and cochlear implants. These sites provide valuable information in a useful manner consistent with the methods used by most parents of cochlear implanted children. The short description following the listing tells the best method of using that particular website. We will update this list on an ongoing basis.

Basic Information about the Cochlear Implant

FDA - What is a Cochlear Implant?
Good basic information about how the cochlear implant works and its benefits. The site contains a great flash presentation on how sound is transmitted using the cochlear implant. Use this site to explain to your friends and family what a cochlear implant is all about.

Wikipedia - Encyclopedia on Cochlear Implant
A comprehensive, constantly updated snapshot of information about cochlear implants, their effects, and the controversy surrounding them. A good source of links to articles and programs devoted to the subject of cochlear implants.

Gallaudet University - Cochlear Implants, Navigating a Forest of Information
Good, comprehensive information about all issues relating to cochlear implants. Just beware of the opinions presented here as the University is a strong proponent of the “Deaf Culture” and believes in educating the children with Sign Language.

In-Depth Research

Listen-Up - Cochlear Implant Information & Resources
The most comprehensive site out there that is dedicated to everything about cochlear implants. The information in scattered over many different pages, but you are certain to find something interesting on just about any page you try. Great source of links to other websites, although many of links are no longer active.

Related Issues

Helpful resources that cover the issues faced by parents on a daily basis.

Let Them Hear Foundation-Insurance Guidance & Advocacy
Generally speaking, the experience with cochlear implants and their care is very positive, until it comes to dealing with Health Insurance companies. Here you can find excellent information regarding this topic, and they will even help you in appealing their denials for care.

Auditory Verbal Learning Institute
An organization committed to providing access to qualified professionals who are trained in the methods of the Auditory Verbal Approach.Their website contains a wealth of information and resources regarding the methods and goals of the Auditory Verbal Methodology, which is the perferred method of training cochlear implant children.

C I Hear - Opening the Door for those Living in a World of Silence
Helpful tips and articles about life with Cochlear Implants, including a great set of links that is very comprehensive and up to date.

Personal experiences

Great sources of information and encouragement.

Jacob's story
A great detailed diary of a hearing impaired child that is doing great with his cochlear implants. Now, he is a true “hearing” child. This story is not rare, it is the way most children with cochlear implants can expect to be.

Laney Jane's story
An informative detailed log of a child's experience from birth through age 8 with many ups and downs along the way. This site details many of the major issues that children with cochlear implants constantly face.

Ethan's Journey
A one-page synopsis of the process for getting a cochlear implant and having it activated. The external links on this page are no longer active.

Elliot & Oliver Kwilinski
A newly updated quick take on a family that has multiple children with cochlear implants, and how they are being successful using the Auditory Verbal Method in teaching their children communication skills. Great Video Clips of the implant activation!

Associations and Membership Groups

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
An association that advocates independence for the hard of hearing through listening and talking. They are the proponents of the Auditory Verbal method. Bi-Monthly publication and bi-annual conference for members.

Cochlear World - A cochlear implant information resource
valuable links and resources relating to Cochlear Implants.

Chat Groups

Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle
Discussion forum for parents of children with cochlear implants and who are looking for more information about cochlear implants.

Click here to join cicircle
Click to join cicircle

Hearing Exchange - Exchanging Ideas and Information on Hearing Loss
Community for people with hearing loss, parents of deaf and hard of hearing children and professionals who work with them. - Shopping Directory

We will update this list frequently, so check back often. If you have any suggestions or to add your site to the list, feel free to contact us. We look forward to your feedback.