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Need a better way for your child to wear a Cochlear Implant Speech Processor? We hear you loud and clear.

Cochlear Implant Clothing for Girls
Our cochlear implant clothing for girls is made of 100% cotton and makes wearing a speech processor simple.

Hearing Pocket Undershirt for Boys
Our Hearing Pocket undershirt for boys provides your active child comfort and convenience while wearing his speech processor.

Hearing Pocket Onesies Body Suit for Baby
The Hearing Pocket for infants is the ultimate hassle-free solution for wearing the cochlear implant.

About Hearing Pocket
Read our brief story about how our personal experience with cochlear implants led to the formation of Hearing Pocket.

Web Resources for hearing impairment and cochlear implants
A list of our recommendations for parents looking for information about hearing impairment and cochlear implants.

You Can Do it
Guidance and Inspirational Articles to Maximize Your Child’s Success

Cochlear Implant Education
Learning Center for Parents: Increasing Your Knowledge to Better Serve Your Child.

Celebrating the Miracles of the Cochelar Implant
A recount of the Cochlear Celebration held in San Antonio, Texas in February 2007.

Successful Mainstreaming
How to prepare your hearing impaired child for successful integration into the mainstream classroom. By Susan Cheffo, MS and bilateral cochlear implant user.

Choosing the right Preschool
The decision to send your child to a deaf or mainstream school and the pros and cons of each one.

Focusing On Your Child’s Hearing Loss
Understanding the change of focus in your life to help you child succeed.

Mapping the Cochlear Implant
A Parent's Guide to Understanding a Cochlear Implant Programming.

Engaging Cooperation from Your Child
Steps you can take as a parent to bring out the best in your child’s behavior.

How to Win with Staples Rewards
Using Staples Rewards can help you save big on Office Supplies and Technology for your business.

Shipping and Returns
Hearing Pocket's shipping and return policies.

Kollel Life & Getting out of Kollel When Your Time is Up
What learning in kollel is all about, how to find the right kollel, make the best use of your time in kollel, and how to get out of kollel with a plan while there still is time.

Contact Hearing Pocket
We will be glad to receive your comments and answer any questions about our children's cochlear implant clothing, and our company policies.