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Guidance and Articles for Your Cochlear Implant Child’s Success

Yes, You Can Do It!

As a parent of a child cochlear implant user, you are thankful of the advances of the cochlear implant.

On the other hand, you are familiar with the hard work and devotion needed to make the child a complete success.

The path to success is not beyond reach. By learning what you can about the process, applying your knowledge diligently and consistently, your child’s abilities will exceed your wildest dreams.

These articles were written expressly for parents of cochlear implanted children. Become a more skilled and knowledgeable parent by reading one of these articles below:

Choose From the Following Topics:


Choosing the right Preschool The decision to send your child to a deaf or mainstream school and the pros and cons of each one.

Successful Mainstreaming Susan Cheffo, MS provides tips to help your child succeed in the mainstream school system and various services that are available.

your job as a parent

Focusing On Your Child’s Hearing Loss Understanding the change of focus in your life to help you child succeed.

Cochlear Implant Processor

Cochlear Celebration 2007 A personal recount of Nucleus Recepient Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

Cochlear Implant Education A guide you to help you obtain information and increase your knowledge to make decisions to help your hearing impaired child succeed.

Cochlear Implant Mapping A Parent's Guide to Understanding a Cochlear Implant Programming.

Cochlear Implant Myths Get to Know These Widely Held Beliefs So You Can Inform People of the True Facts.

Engaging Cooperation from Your Child Steps you can take as a parent to bring out the best in your child’s behavior.

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